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This is the question many homeowners are asking themselves when they want to move from places such as Toronto or other areas.

According to "Reader's Digest" Hamilton Ranks 9 out of 40 cities in The best Canadian Cities to Raise kids.

But what are some factors that influenced this decision?

Transit: Parents need to get around with minimum hassle.

When it comes to Hamilton, this city has a great transit system, whether you need easy access to bus stations or full Go Stations. This makes travelling through the city very easy. The roads are well maintained, with many connections to suburban areas.

Median age: A young population is one measure of a kid-friendly city.

The median age when it comes to Hamilton, Ontario is 41 years old. This shows that the average person is of the age that a parent would be in which case, is a significant factor that shows the city kid-friendly.

Infant mortality: The best benchmark for the overall health of a region.

The infant-mortality rate for Hamilton, Ontario is as low as 5.9 per 1,000 live births. This rate is lower than Toronto where the number is 6.7

Daycare: Finding a daycare spot can be a pain, but some parents have it easier.

Hamilton has many day care centers for many young children and the city has many support systems put in place for those with impairments.

Cost of food: Getting healthy food into the mouths of babies is a parent's priority and when it comes to Hamilton, there are numerous stores that have organic foods available as well as farm markets all throughout the year.

Mom groups: These groups offer a great support system for new moms as well as those that recently moved to the city. This helps parents find good friends that can help them with adjusting to the new city.

When taking into consideration the different factors that make a city good for kids, Hamilton is one that provides families with great transit systems, easy access to neighboring cities such as Burlington, Oakville and many more; as well as great resources for a healthy education.

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